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Inorganic compounds, sodium sulfate, sodium sulfate hydrate and ten glauber's salt, high purity, fine grain anhydride as sodium sulphate. Sodium sulphate, white, odourless, has a bitter taste of crystallization or powder, has the water absorbability. Appearance is colorless, transparent, the crystallization of big or small crystal granularity. Mainly used in the system of sodium silicate, glass, enamel, pulp, refrigeration mixture, detergent, desiccant, dye diluent, analysis of chemical reagents, pharmaceuticals, etc.



Molecular Formula: Na2SO4

molecular Weight:  142.06


Synonyms:Anhydrous sodium sulfate/thenardite


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Used in chemical industry manufacture of sodium sulfide sodium silicate water glass and other chemical products

Papermaking industry used in the manufacture of sulfate pulp cooking agent

Glass industry to replace soda ash do cosolvent

Textile industry is used to allocate vinylon concreting spinning

In non-ferrous metal metallurgy, leather, etc

Used to sodium sulfide, pulp, glass, water glass, enamel, is also used as a delay evacuant and barium salt poisoning antidote, etc. Is a byproduct of salt and sulphuric acid hydrochloric acid. On the chemical used in the manufacture of sodium sulfide. Sodium silicate, etc. The laboratory is used to wash barium salt. Industry used for preparing NAO day and day? ? 50? ? The raw material, also used in paper making, glass, printing and dyeing, synthetic fiber, leather, etc. In organic synthesis laboratory sodium sulfate is one of the most commonly used post-processing desiccant

Mainly used as synthetic detergent filling material. Papermaking industry used in the manufacture of sulfate pulp cooking agent. Glass industry to replace soda ash. Used for manufacturing sodium sulphide, sodium silicate and chemical industry raw materials of other chemical products. Textile industry is used to allocate vinylon spinning coagulation bath. Pharmaceutical industry is used as the delay evacuant. Also used in non-ferrous metallurgy, leather, etc

The hydration products faster to generate calcium sulphoaluminate, accelerating the cement hydration hardening speed. Dosage of sodium sulfate for the quality of cement commonly 0. 5%? 2%, can enhance the early concrete strength by 50%? 1, 00% strength of 28 days sometimes increase and sometimes decrease, increase about 10%, with the varieties of cement, curing conditions and its dosage. Also used as synthetic detergent filling material is used in the papermaking industry, glass industry, chemical industry, textile industry and pharmaceutical industry, etc

Used as analytical reagent, such as dehydrating agent, when nitrogen digest catalyst, inhibitor interference in the atomic absorption spectrum analysis. Also used in the pharmaceutical industry

Used in chemical industry, paper making and glass, dye, dyeing and the pharmaceutical industry in synthetic fiber, leather, non-ferrous metallurgy, also have application in the production of enamel, etc, also used in soap and detergent additives. 11, in sulfate zinc can be used as a buffer to stabilize the solution of p


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