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Shenzhen sodium sulfate with high COD waste water zero discharge through the acceptance of the project
2020-07-28 20:07:43

Hbzhan content introduction: shenzhen sodium metal processing industrial park high COD waste water zero discharge project has passed the acceptance. The project shall be borne by the shenzhen Czech crystal energy technology co., LTD. Design production construction, overcome the sodium sulfate concentration is high, higher than major, the crystallization temperature control requirements of processing problems.

Control project mission requirements, the assessment team all experts listened to the project implementation summary report, a visit to the site, review the related technical data, after serious questions and discussion.

Expert group thinks: the project built mechanical vapor recompression evaporating complete sets of equipment in conformity with the acceptance requirements, no fresh steam, saving energy and reducing consumption, not easy jam. Can be successfully implemented desalination, reduce COD, treated wastewater discharging standard. Relevant data completely meet the requirements of the contract design, agreed to by acceptance.

This project adopts the technology of the independent innovation, through the forced circulation evaporation process, evaporation, low temperature heat transfer coefficient is big, not easy blockage, at the same time meet the requirement of evaporation concentration ratio, and improve the discharging concentration, reduce the final concentrate quantity, increase the crystallization rate. Through efficient except membrane net, to guarantee the separation of steam in the midst of tiny droplets, raising the quality of distilled water, and make it conform to the standards.


Relevant law:

Morning of June 18, 2013, the Supreme People's Court, the Supreme People's Procuratorate jointly held a press conference, announced the Supreme People's Court, the Supreme People's Procuratorate about criminal cases to deal with environmental pollution explain some issues of applicable law. In the first in the "explanation" lists that "serious environment pollution" standard of 14 categories, among them, the illegal to discharge or dump, three tons of disposal of hazardous wastes and illegal emissions containing heavy metals, persistent organic pollutants (pops) such as serious damage to the environment, damage human health of pollutants exceed the national emission standards or according to the law of the people's governments of provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government authorized the set standards for pollutants discharge more than three times were identified as serious environmental pollution, belong to the criminal case.

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